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Formulation as a stage in downstream processing and what it entails

Formulation refers to the maintenance of stability and activity of a biotechnological product during distribution and storage. It is a stage in downstream processing. Formulation of low molecular weight products can be achieved...


Total synthesis of organic compounds in synthetic organic chemistry

Total synthesis in synthetic organic chemistry is a chemical synthesis of complex organic molecules from commercially available, natural and simple precursors. It may be accomplished either via convergent approach or linear app...



Downstream processing is related to the process and the global market

The oil and gas industry today has a great influence in the global market in the entire world. This is because oil and gas has direct influence in the market on every commodity. Thus, it is crucial to identify solutions and to ...



High Potency Drugs address a basic change in the way pioneers are using little particles to pass on new patient medicines. This development toward the usage of Highly Potent API has not quite recently incited a pipeline of more...