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Reasons why Renewable energy PPP Projects are important in a Country’s Growth

Posted November 25, 2015 by Matt in Uncategorized

Reasons why Renewable energy PPP Projects are important in a Country’s Growth


The renewable energy system is one of the areas in which principle standards of renewable energy PPP Projects, especially those identifying with risk designation, are utilized effectively. The system has pulled in light of a legitimate concern for several international financier and locals, with the bidding procedure to construct water, sun and wind powered energy undertakings being oversubscribed.


A principle component in the accomplishment of the renewable energy PPP Projects is that the bidding procedure has been systematic, clear, and unpredictable. Governments make special effort right on time to choose the best advisers in view of an enabling environment that are agreed with all partners, including a fundamental role for independent energy regulator.


Renewable energy PPP Projects is a success in poor countries because they are promoting energy production. The energy produced in these countries largely improves peoples’ living standards and the economy, as well. For example over the last one year, the Philippine geothermal program produces 1000MW of renewable energy in the last seven years, which means fifty percent of the country’s population has electricity. However, renewable energy PPP Projects in wealthy countries has not been a success because of disruption from independent regulators, privatization of welfare, the legal system, and obstacles of foreign investors. For example, the United States has largely been affected because renewable energy PPP Projects results in system rehabilitation, take over by foreign investors, and disinvestment.


However, renewable energy PPP Projects key points for success are risk sharing, innovativeness, and clear legislation. For instance, many countries economic growth are boosted because of their industries to underwrite risks in performance, operation, and construction. In other words, governments have been able to cater for resource development risks as if born by private sectors; they can lead to expensive power.


Moreover, renewable energy PPP Projects have led to a rise of financial institution to seek innovative fast track solutions. These financial institutions are tasked with streamlining these projects review processes to avoid micro management among others. Financial institutions are also used to stop one stop financing and to resolve internal competition between private and public sectors department.


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