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How to choose an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient supplier

Posted October 9, 2016 by Matt in Uncategorized

Medicines are produced through a series of processes and of all the steps involved, active pharmaceutical

ingredients are the most important. Most pharmaceutical companies outsource the supply of the active

ingredients and thus quality assurance plays a major role. Since APIs are an important part of modern

medicine, selecting the right Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient manufacturer and suppliers is a process

that ought to be done with utmost care. The following are the qualities to look out for in a good API


Know your supplier’s clientele-who the supplier caters to reveals a lot about their business as one who

caters to leading brands is a reputable supplier. When choosing a supplier, seek to see their client list and

check for reviews from these clients as your business’ reputation rides on it.

Know your supplier- understand your supplier’s background as this will help you discover facts

concerning their business including their reputation, licensing among others.

Product guarantee-pick a supplier who is ready to vouch for the ingredients they supply and can take

responsibility for the product quality. You should also be able to agree on the terms and conditions

concerning quality of the ingredients they supply as well as take responsibility where an ingredient fails

the quality test as it is a matter of life and death.

Cost friendly- as much as cost should not be the leading factor in picking a supplier, taking time to

research the market will give you a chance to get a good supplier of quality Active Pharmaceutical

Ingredients at reasonable prices.

Quality assurance-check if the API manufacturer is facing any charges or has investigations against

them as well as the outcome of such cases. Where they stand in terms of licensing and registration is also

important when making the decision to order from them.

Active pharmaceutical ingredients determine how modern medicines work and for that reason, one must

be completely sure before choosing a supplier.

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