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Now Monitor Your Body Functions With Wearable Sensors

Posted December 29, 2014 by Matt in Uncategorized

Wearable Sensors

The wearable sensing   phenomenon may be hard to believe but it is all perfectly true. Perhaps health care professionals would become obsolete in the near future! You would become your own laboratory with sensors attached to the wrist, head, legs, chest, and each keeping a watch on what is going on within the body systems. Heart rate, blood pressure, calories, all would get recorded through wearable sensing digital devices in real time.

But why would you need all those fancy wearable sensing   devices when we did without them for two millennia? The answer is obvious. Heart patients for instance would need some such device to record how the heart is beating. The greatest utility of course comes in sports training and strenuous exercise when you need to get into the finer nuances and adjust routines accordingly.

The remarkable feats of wearable sensing technology that involved years of dedicated research and vast sums of money not to talk of manpower are finally bearing fruit. The facts cannot be ignored. If humanity now spends a billion dollars on those wearable sensors, the amount would increase fivefold by 2024. The future could not have been better for the industry or for humanity.

Wearable sensing is one more startling reminder that we are becoming victims of gadgets and machinery of our own making. Is it not possible as reflected in fiction that the same devices could one day enslave us? We sometimes feel that way amidst the vast range of gadgets that rule our daily lives. It helps to be optimistic though.

How does wearable sensing work? Wireless technology forms the heart of it.  You need the appropriate hardware and software. The sensor firmware programs the hardware according to application needs to capture the required data and transmit it. The software tools carry out the functions of processing and interpreting, storage and display of the data.

Is it not possible to carry out such configurable wearable sensing checks on each crucial system of the body and become your own doctor? Psychological and emotional responses could be tracked too along with heart and brain activity, Parkinsonism, stroke whatever. Medical science monitoring devices finally serve the problems of our own survival.


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