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data analytics solution | business data discovery tools

Applications of business data discovery tools   It is reported that business data discovery tools are used by the law firms and corporate companies for litigation reports, compliance, regulatory and investigation purpose. ...

דרור הלוי , Dror halevi

Dror Halevi | New City | Tel Aviv

  Dror Halevi Today’s price level makes economic viability of the plan 38 entrepreneurs, it also creates urban renewal and additional apartments. When 38 plan approved in 2005, she had a lot of objections but finally...


DWH | data mining – data discovery tools

About data discovery tools If you are looking for data discovery tools, you should try to find best tools relevant to your business. To stay ahead of your competitors in the market, it is compulsory to apply latest marketing to...


Test of English as a Foreign Language – online courses and several ways of selecting them

Test of English as a Foreign Language Best criterion for choosing online TOEFL course. So, for a license of healthcare unit, you need to get a high score in the TOEFL IBT, Or, due to the fact you need to enter a graduate applic...


TOEFL study secrets are finally here to help you!

Read about difficulty level of TOEFL exam and how to face the difficulty level of this tough exam. How do you feel while an important day including of your birthday is coming up? I am pretty sure you are excited for it. Well, I...


Graduate Record Examination

 Benefits of online coaching for GMAT and GRE  Read about numerous fundamentals of taking online coaching for standardized tests like GMAT and GRE. GRE and GMAT are considered important tests for Graduate college students see...



business analytics solution – data analysis tools

Important uses of data analysis tools.  Read about data analysis tools and several big industries where these data analysis tools are necessary to be applicable. The use of data analysis software program is a way for most o...


The new GRE vs. current GRE.

 Read about latest changes happened to the old pattern of GRE and the new study plan needed to pass the same. The new GRE is coming and there’s not anything we will do to forestall it. The following is a short summary of...


GMAT – Graduate Management Admission Test

The importance of GMAT Mock tests.  Read about importance of giving more and more mock tests and how to score more tips in GMAT. Most aspirants of Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) test sense that they have no control ...


business intelligence software | bi software

 How to choose BI software for small businesses. Read about effective strategies of choosing BI software and implementation of the same. One of the largest choices a small business has to make is investing in the proper busine...