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Dror Halevi | New City | Tel Aviv

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דרור הלוי , Dror halevi


Dror Halevi

dror halevi

dror halevi

Today’s price level makes economic viability of the plan 38 entrepreneurs, it also creates urban renewal and additional apartments. When 38 plan approved in 2005, she had a lot of objections but finally feasibility created. Since 2005 to 2012 have been strengthened and added tens of thousands of apartments as part of the program 38 We recognize an increase in the program. “He said today (Monday) CPA Dan Attias, head of real estate, BDO Ziv Haft, a panel” think inside the box “in real estate and infrastructure” Globes “in collaboration with Mizrahi-Tefahot Bank .
Panelists Benyamini more pleasant, CEO of Africa 38; these pearl, director of the real estate sector, Mizrahi Tefahot Bank; Eitan Ginzburg, Deputy Mayor fresh and Chairman of the Subcommittee for Planning and Construction; Dawn Aloni, CEO and owner, Aloni Haft; Sofia Eldor architectural consultant, former director of the Urban Planning Department at the Ministry of Housing and chairman of the first urban renewal; Orly Arel, the city engineer and deputy director of the city planning Tel Aviv Dror Halevi, Chairman of New City; Gad Gershon, vice president of real estate development and planning, benign.
Levy began his speech with a call to the public: “You have to replace the Bibi – you take it it’s dangerous, cowardly and hurts – replace it.”. Halevy said that everyone who gets what means it. The evacuation plan 38 Halevy said that “programs get stuck and nothing in the government where they are stuck.”
Benyamini noted that “we have a size of 600 housing units in 17 projects in 38 intends We deal in the long process of maturation and more slowly we are seeing plans to design 38 – .. This is an important process and a growth engine”
Yesterday, the media reported the hub instead Gvirol Street is expected to cost 103 luxury apartments, 2-room apartments with an area of ​​52 square meters will be sold to 2.3 m. But it turns out that you can sell to many new apartments less money.
Not far away, close to Rabin Square, at the corner of Ibn Gabirol and Manet, is expected to establish initiates purchasing groups Dror Halevi, owner of the “new city”, a project of similar scope of 100 apartments in four buildings of seven floors and three underground parking levels. The project is expected to residential within 3 years.
Credit cards: PR
Credit cards: PR
So how can we reduce the price in one of the most expensive areas in the country? It turns out that if you give up you can save on parking about 250 thousand dollars. Do not forget of course that this region suffers from acute shortage of parking in Israel.
2-room apartment of 52 square meters in -1.485 million. If the path is demanded everywhere I would like to add about 17% and will pay 1.735 million. 3 bedroom apartment of 61 square meters sold in the no parking and parking for 1.838 million to 2.088 million (12% more). 4-room apartment with an area of ​​90 square meters Parking will be sold to 3.125 million and 275 sqm penthouse sold for 13.8 m. Penthouse will be linked to three underground parking.
Dror Halevi: “The state did not react quickly enough to the needs of citizens certificates of these programs, and we see citizens who live in residential apartments I think urban renewal is a better plan 38, and if there are complaints about the density – and therefore we are. There is a long way to big cities long to strengthen citizens’ To achieve their quality of life, sharing the joy of life “.
Erel stressed: “The main aim was to strengthen the plan 38 buildings against earthquakes, but today just talking about the addition of apartments in these programs also Dror Halevi many buildings are strengthening against earthquakes, and some do not economically Still, Tel … Aviv municipality gives certificates to anyone who meets the criteria of the program. “
Dror Halevi: “There is a plan 38 lots of features without which the residents may not be suitable apartment or even a place to live program improves the lives of residents, some of whom I have the great possibility to renovate it themselves .. I understand the criticism of the plan, but the benefits outweigh the reviews. Should the decision of the leadership and policies to motivate him. The plan is a planning tool that does good for everyone, so why not allow it? “.
Gershon: “Urban renewal 38 is better in municipalities and local authorities, but do not want these projects, they prefer office because it puts a lot of money and, then, the city will not give the betterment taxes, so how these programs .. promoted the state should help the rights of mobility – ?. state support to specific projects by the recruitment of other land rights, and the regulation should make it easier in terms of betterment fees, then the project will be built “
“These advances was funded programs plan 38 and urban renewal. Mizrahi Tefahot Bank to finance urban renewal of only 1,000 apartments in Tel Aviv, and we see that the phenomenon is accelerated. Banks in this market, and small projects entered the market to finance another – I do not see such projects are left without funding. “
Aloni closed the panel saying that “the government should give developers a priority and power of urban renewal and planning 38. The banks are taking action to huge in this area and it catapulted these programs. There are still banks and institutional investors from playing this game and it’s important that they also take and give a hand”.

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