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Meteor Diamonds and Fashion Industry: A Review

Posted January 10, 2014 by Matt in diamond jewelry

 meteor diamondMeteor diamond or the industrial diamond claimed by the Russian scientists to be found in large quantity during the Soviet times from the huge meteorite crater in Siberia. These diamonds are claimed to revolutionize fashion industry even if they are preferred to be used for technical purposes.

According to the Siberian branch of Russian Academy of Sciences diamonds worth trillions of pounds were discovered beneath a meteorite crater in Popigai in eastern Siberia. They said that these meteor diamond or �impact diamonds’ are not good for making jewelries, like the conventional diamonds largely used for making jewelries till now, but to be used for technical purposes.

The head of the Geological and Mineralogical Institute in Novosibirsk, Nikolai Pokhilenko also commented on Monday on this discovery with RIA Novosti mews agency that these diamonds contain carbon in several other molecular forms which can make them much harder than the conventional diamonds traditionally used for making jewelries. This extra hardness of this meteor diamond makes it suitable only for industrial uses instead of fashion jewelry.

He further said that the hard diamonds discovered from the meteorite craters can really revolutionize several industries except fashion jewelry industry as they can be shaped only through diamonds to enable them to be used in fashion jewelries. These meteor diamonds can revolutionize many industries including manufacturing and technical industries only if they can be excavated out of the earth at lower cost.

These meteor diamonds were discovered in 1970s by the scientists of Soviet Union but the project was left unaffected by the Soviet leadership and for industrial use they preferred to produce synthetic diamonds. This huge deposit of impact diamonds under the meteor crater was recognized and classified only after the disintegration of Soviet Union or USSR.

According to Pokhilenko Russian scientists found these diamonds in huge quantity in about 62 miles wide meteorite crater, created with a meteor impact about 35 million years earlier, in Popigai Astroblem in Serbia. The large reserves of graphite created due to this impact changed into large fields of meteor diamonds due to enormous pressure and heat since so many years on them. It is considered as one of the largest diamond fields of the world discovered till now.

The economic aspects of the exploration of the large quantity of these diamonds were discussed over the weekend by the scientists of the Siberian branch of Russian Academy of Sciences at a round table conference. The exploration process of the large amount of these meteor diamonds involves huge amount of money. According to him his institute was ready to send an expedition team to the crater to cooperate Alrosa, a state controlled diamond mining company of Russia, in the exploration project of these diamonds.

Impact of meteor diamonds on fashion industry

Russian scientists were consistently of the view that meteor diamonds discovered underneath the meteorite cater in eastern Siberia were not suitable to be used by fashion jewelry industry due to their enormous hardness as compared to traditionally used conventional and synthetic diamonds. According to them trillions of carats of the diamonds discovered from this largest diamond field of the world are two times harder than the diamonds used in conventional jewelries. So according to them they may revolutionize all other industries except fashion industry.

On the other hand, diamonds are used to make fashion jewelries since they are used as fashion wear by the people all over the world, irrespective of their high cost. Though fashion jewelry includes a wide variety of materials including platinum, gold, gemstones, pearls and diamonds for making it but diamonds attract most of the admirers of these jewelries than other materials due to the beauty and shine of the diamonds. These diamond jewelries attract not only women but men also who are interested in gifting them to their loved ones on some special occasions. The exploration of meteor diamonds had increased the options to get diamond jewelries of latest fashion. They used these diamonds to make different types of jewelries including rings, earrings and necklace pendants that can be gifted at special occasions. The fashion jewelries made of these unique diamonds proud both the parties, provider and receiver, due to their special looks.

Normally diamond rings are gifted at the wedding occasions not only for expressing their love and closeness with each other but also for expressing their commitment for each other. The use of meteor diamond in these rings had intensely increased this feeling due to their exclusiveness and solidarity. The availability of these unique diamonds in various qualities and shapes had also made their purchasing interesting and careful. Like other traditional diamonds the worth of meteor diamond is also assessed on the basis of 4Cs, cut, clarity, color and carat. You should check the grading of the diamond on the basis of its 4Cs n its certificate. This certificate should be issued by some approved agency that can be trusted by the diamond dealers in the market.

The certificate with a meteor diamond is the recognition of its worth which tells every thing about your diamond through its 4C gradation. The whole fashion jewelry industry trusts on these certificates while making fashion jewelries by using meteor diamond. They rely on the information given on these certificates about the measurement, quality and finish of the meteor diamond they are using in their jewelry. The cut of meteor diamond is considered to be unique as they are cut in a patented diamond style. The number of facets on these unique diamonds helps in assessing its value in the market. You can gift this unique piece of jewelry to your loved ones at some special occasion not only to express your love and affection but also for increasing her beauty. An excellently cut meteor diamond jewelry can make you feel proud with its dignified and royal appearance. This new variety of diamonds had attracted people much more than the traditional diamonds due to their elegant looks and clarity of cuts.

Thus, meteor diamond had great impact in fashion jewelry industry these days even if Russian scientists had condemned its use for making jewelry due to its excessive hardness.

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