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Safety limitations of Commercial playground equipment

Safety is the top priority as far as the use of Commercial playground equipment is concerned. The

safety features are focused by the manufacturers of the Commercial playground equipment. There are

categories defined by the manufacturers, these categories include toddlers, preschool and grade school.

There are some dimensions given according to which every manufacturer is bound to develop

Commercial playground equipment. Firstly the height of the equipment should not be more than 32

inches for the toddlers. The manufacturer can design ramps, slides and stairways. Swings are allowed to

have in Commercial playground equipment, but the swings should be bucket seats. In case of the spiral

slides, the angle should be less than 360 degrees. Similarly, there can be a ladder in toddler’s

Commercial playground equipment, but the ladders are just restricted to file step ladders.

Similarly, there are some designed specifications for preschool kids; preschool kids are normally aged

between two to five. For pre-school kids, there are only a few of the climbers that can be used in

Commercial playground equipment. There can be ramps added, with rung ladders and slides. The

measurement that is allowed to be used in the manufacturing of Commercial playground equipment is

strictly followed. There are spiral sides used in pre-school equipment, the spiral slides are just restricted

to the angle to 360 degrees. There are some specific types of the swing allowed, mostly tire swings are


Grade school Commercial playground equipment is advanced than the toddlers and the preschool.

Arch climbers are safe to be used in the grade school equipment. Chains can be used along with the

cable so as to make the parts flexible to the kids. There are overhead rings that can be used in the grade

school equipment. Vertical slide poles are allowed to be used in grade school Commercial playground


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