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Widely used open source data analysis tools

Posted July 6, 2015 by Matt in Uncategorized

Widely used open source data analysis tools

The digital world has brought the revolution I getting the information and data from all the

available resources. There was a problem relating to the storage and sorting of such a huge

data in the business sector where the input is obtained from all the possible factors to make the

best decision which effect in the growth of the business. This reason has introduced the data

analysis tools in the business intelligence category. It is normally impossible without any data

analysis tools to imagine making the best decision without sorting the information gathered in

the right form so that it can be thoroughly analyzed before making the last decision. Data

analysis tools make it possible to make better decisions in the most effective way and extract

the meaningful data from the pile of information obtained from sources or the store. Because

of the highly attractive by the intelligent business owners these business intelligence data

intelligence tools are making traction in the enterprise.

Some big software providers like Oracle, SAS, IBM and Microsoft have launched certain data

analysis tools into the market at the significant prices. On the other side there exist the less

well-known companies that offer both the commercial and open source free products. Data

analysis tools in the open source that include Japersoft, Pentaho, Brit, Rapidminer and

SpagoBI. On the other side the commercial data analysis tools include tactics, Pentaho, Palo,

KNime and Japersoft. Japersoft data analysis tool offer the cloud based, licensed version whose

starting price is less than $ 1 per hour and it also offers the drag and drag designing and

interactive visualization.

Pentaho is an entry level tool that can be updated into commercial version which offers the

predictive modeling, visual analysis, and dashboard element. The top level data analysis tools

are BRIT that offers the embedding into rich client and web applications based on Java.

Rapidminer is a code free platform for analysis of machine learning, predictive analysis and data

mining while the SpagoBI is itself a complete business intelligence suite and allows the easy

customization and integration in all sorts of legacy environments.

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