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Why is Public Construction Essential?

Posted November 10, 2015 by Matt in Uncategorized

Why is Public Construction Essential?

In most countries in the world, governments have been involved in public construction for the benefit of their citizens. This involvement has resulted in what we refer as public construction. For instance, the construction of roads, schools, hospitals, entertainment facilities like playing grounds are among the social amenities construction-taking place. In addition, this involvement has resulted into many benefits as well as disadvantages as elaborated below.


Firstly, public construction has led to Job creation through the governments’ involvement in development of the economy. Many jobs are created for youths, elders, and women. For instance, the constructions of the roads employ site engineer, architects, supervisors, and casual workers. Public school and public hospitals have also employed majority of the population in many countries thus bringing in a positive influence of public construction.


Secondly, public construction has led to ready market. For example, the use of polls in electric supply in some third world countries has boosted countries market for finished products for individuals, private companies among others. In addition, the construction of roads in the village and farms has created a ready market for the supply of their goods because perishable goods can easily be transported from the production center to town within short period.


Thirdly, public construction creates development in the areas where it is implemented. When a public road is constructed, it encourages individuals to invest near the construction site since there is accessibility thus resulting to development. In addition, creation of public schools, entertainment facilities, and hospitals result in global development. Finally, public construction has other merits like affordable school for disadvantaged groups, affordable health facilities, and affordable means of transport like electric train in China among others.


In contrast to the above benefits, there are disadvantage that result due to public construction. Firstly, public construction has become a source of corruption. Both individuals and private companies have been involved in many corruption cases, trying to win tenders through bribery and embezzlements of public funds.


Summarily, public construction has led to under development in some area due to nepotism, racism, and tribalism. This has made some parts of the country to remain under development resulting to poverty. Public construction as indicated above is a beneficial to the society as it results in development and alleviation of poverty and job creation among other benefits.


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