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What You Need To Know About High Potency

Posted November 6, 2016 by Matt in Uncategorized

High potency is a term that is mainly used in a claim on the label or in labeling to analyze specific

vitamins or minerals that are available at 100% of the reference daily intakes per reference amount

customarily consumed. This is an implication that supplement may be classified as high potency for

individual nutrient that is available at 100% of the RDI per serving.

The labeling or label if you like ought to clearly locate the specific vitamins or minerals being identified

as high potency, in cases where the term is used to illustrate particular vitamins or minerals in a product

that has other nutrients.

The term is likely to be used on the label of a product that has several ingredients to analyze the product.

This happens if the product has 100% or even more of the Reference Daily Intakes. for roughly two thirds

of the vitamins and minerals listed in 21CFR 101.9©(8)(iv) and that are available in the product.

Does High potency have side effects?

High potency has few side effects that are not serious at all. However you should consult the doctor right

away in case of severe side effects for instance rash, hives, itching, experiencing difficulty breathing,

having tightness on the chest, swelling on the mouth, face lips or even the tongue. If things don`t go well

you likely to have burning, numbness or tingling. Such adverse side effects may terminate your life if you

don`t seek medical attention. The good news is that they occur on rare conditions.

In what dosage forms does high potency exist?

Multivitamin with minerals exists in a variety of forms which include; oral tablet, oral liquid, oral

capsule, oral lozenge, oral wafer, oral powder for reconstitution. The list is quite long since it also

includes drops, liquid among others.

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