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Total synthesis of organic compounds in synthetic organic chemistry

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Total synthesis in synthetic organic chemistry is a chemical synthesis of complex organic molecules

from commercially available, natural and simple precursors. It may be accomplished either via

convergent approach or linear approach. In linear synthesis the process involves a step by step

approach until the molecule is completely synthesized. The molecules that are made in each step are

known as synthetic intermediates

Convergent approach in synthetic organic chemistry is mostly preferred for more complex

molecules. The process involves individual preparation of several pieces that are then combined to

form the desired product.

In each step, a chemical reaction is involved. In order to provide a sufficient acquiesce of

unadulterated produce, the reagents and conditions for the reactions must be designed to do so. Most

intermediates are compounds never have been made before. They are normally made using general

methods developed by researchers. In order to be useful, the methods need to give high yields. They

also have to be reliable.

Methodology research may involve the following main stages;

 Discovery

 Optimisation

 Studies of scope and limitations

In discovery, extensive knowledge of and experience with the chemical reactions of appropriate

reagents is required. In optimization, 1 or 2 preliminary composites are to be experimented in

response under a lot of diverse environment of reaction time, solvent, temperature and many more.

This is done until when optimum product yield conditions and purity are found.

The researcher finally strives to extend the method to a broad range of different materials in order to

find the limitations and the scope. Total syntheses in synthetic organic chemistry are at times used to

showcase new methodology and also demonstrate the value of the methodology in real world

application. The applications involve major industries that are focused on polymers and


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