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Urban Planner is among the latest upcoming science jobs

Urban Planning is the planning and analyzing a district or zone within the specified areas. Under the list of Science jobs, urban planner is a much advanced career option that is not only interesting but also important and very relevant for development of a city. To study and analyze as an urban planner there are certain degrees and requirements as a part of course education. It is either a graduate degree or a post graduate degree in urban or regional planning, environmental planning, urban design, or geography. Certain states too require a license for implementing the designs of an urban planner.

So what are the Duties of a city planner?

When you are opting for a science job as an urban planner, certain information is mandatory in some respects. Like population of a city, surveys, field investigations, research and land resources. These databases help the urban planner to decide on how best to use the city with its present assets. During the course of implementation there are other professional links with the science jobs category with whom you might have to confront with. They may be Government scientist, School science technician, financial analyst, engineers, Petroleum geologist, Computational scientist and mathematicians. These people in the course of planning bring out the real issues regarding city land use. Political involvement like representing the latest development in the legislative committees is also within the scope of an urban planner.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, any graduate who has the skills and educational qualification to look for a career as an urban planner under Science jobs is expected to expand profoundly with 2022. With an additional MBA degree to cover up the administrative skills is sure to boost up the progress in this field. An urban planner expected salary for any graduate is somewhere near $2,500.


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