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Non ribosomal peptide

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Peptides are of five different kinds. These peptides are used in the market for different purposes and uses.

Billion dollar industry is based on peptides.


These are the most important peptides of human body. These peptides are made by enzymes. The main

function of these kind of peptides is to provide security. All the germs which enter our body are destroyed

with the help of no ribosomal peptide. The most common example of this peptide is glutathione. This can

easily be found in the body of mammals. Many people who are suffering from sickness are cured with

help of this peptide medicines. This peptide is used in a large scale in pharmaceutical industry. Many

people buy the medicine of this peptide every day. In can be found easily in unicellular orgasms.

Existing places:

Fungi is the most common source of this peptide. If you want to find these peptides then go to any place

where fungi is present. You can easily get this item there. Many plants have these peptides. Unicellular

organisms are a common source of these peptides.


These peptides are used in many products. The most common use of these products are the antibiotics.

This peptide is used is Actinomycin D. this antibiotic is used in many procedure. The most common use

of this antibiotic is in chemotherapy. This is one of the oldest antibiotic to be used in chemotherapy. This

antibiotic is also used to kill bacteria and germs from soils. This antibiotic is easy accessible by everyone

and can be purchased from a medical store easily.


1) You should never eat this peptide directly.

2) This peptide’s antibiotics should only be used according to doctor’s recommendation.

3) These peptides do not have a long expiry date, be careful while using the antibiotic.

4) Cancer patients should no use this peptide’s medicine constantly. It is a type of drug and can

cause addiction.

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