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Posted January 4, 2016 by Matt in Uncategorized

How to ace IELTS listening test?

 Read about IELTS listening test preparation strategies and advantages of self preparation.

The IELTS Listening test comes first, and many applicants find it tough, some even discouraging, way to get commenced. There are many approaches to prepare for this portion of the IELTS exam. There are, as an example, many exercise tapes and CD sets on the commercial marketplace. The best information is that the exceptional kinds of IELTS Listening practice are to be had unfastened, or at the least quite simply and at low price. They’re additionally greater amusing. They’re radio, television, and films! The advantages are many.

– You turn out to be familiar with a huge variety of accents and ways of speaking

– You get the rhythms of spoken English sentences in your ear

– You start to pay attention phrase styles and observe the manner English sentences are prepare

– You start to study new vocabulary with the aid of listening to it

English radio and TV news programmers come up with remarkable history for the more than one-voice, academic setting segment of the IELTS Listening test, which often makes use of a mock radio broadcast. Listening to as much as 4 individual’s talk approximately the same incident from specific non-public perspectives, in distinct conditions, and in a variety of accents is precisely the form of training you want to carry out properly on this portion of the test, which some applicants find the hardest.

In case you see such movies in the theatre, try to study the subtitles. In case you watch them on DVD, watch them once with subtitles, so you examine the situations and speak – after which switch the subtitles off and watch them over and over, till you could understand what’s being said without translating. Use time that you in any other case might waste. While you’re getting dressed or eating breakfast in the morning, have the radio or TV on, set to an English station.


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