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How to insure the safety in Indoor Playground

Posted July 12, 2015 by Matt in Uncategorized

How to insure the safety in Indoor Playground

The Indoor Playground is dedicated in offering the customer a safe place to play with

and it has to be designed with the accordance of highest industry standard and safety

guidelines. All the equipment has to be soft, padded and squishy. The playground had

to be certified under an Indoor Playground safety inspector. Achieving a safe

environment to the customers requires commitment and dedication on the part of the

owner. The staffs have to understand their responsibility, the rules in the playing area

and they should be ready to prevent the misuse of the equipment in the place.

The Indoor Playground has to be well maintained and also clean all the time. The

staffs have to be diligent and well trained with enough knowledge about the safety of the

Indoor Playground, the guidelines that have to be followed and the regular playground

maintenance. The area should have the right safety surfacing, a regular cleaning with

inspection program which should be adhered to. The owner should take the immediate

action whenever any equipment in the Indoor Playground is faulty or needs the repair.

The signage in the place has to be displayed in a correct way.

The first step towards achieving the safety in the Indoor Playground is to ensure that

there is an impact absorbing and high quality surfacing under all play equipment. The

need of surfacing is to reduce the severity and the occurrence that take place and which

can lead to injury with Indoor Playground. The surfacing has to be available in the

zones, slide use zone and soft play places which are adjacent to all the playing places.

The Indoor Playground should be under a supervision of an adult. The supervision is

to ensure that the children are playing in their designed place according to the age and

their capacity. The right monitoring has to reduce the cases of injuries and misuse of


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