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                                                        GMAT score


Giving an exam is not the only thing a student has to go through. The pattern of the exam and the result hold the most important places in the whole structure. Now the score you get in various examinations is not just a simple score of how many questions one got right and how many one got wrong. GMAT score is the basic score you get on your test; also you get a percentile rank. A percentile rank is basically a percentage which shows you that of all the applicants, how many percent of people where you better from in the test.

The GMAT score ranges from 200 to 800, 66% of the total test takers score between 400 and 600.the GMAT score totaled up by the scores of the individual four different areas of tests you give. The four areas being verbal section, quantitative section, analytical section and logical section.

Scores from verbal and quantitative scores ranges from 0 to 60; the rarest scores for the verbal section would below 9 and above 44 whereas for quantitative section they would be below 7 and above 50.

The scores for verbal and analytical sections are calculated on fixed scale and thus they can be used for comparison across all the GMAT test administrations, but since they measure different constructs, they cannot be used for comparison to each other.

The Analytical Writing Assessment score, also known as AWA, is based on the simple analysis of an argument essay. The essays are score independently two times; these scores are then averaged on the range from 0 to 6, the range being half point intervals.

The Integrated reasoning score has a range from 1 to 8, these have single digit intervals, and also no partial credit is given.

The GMAT score is out within 20 days of your testing.

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