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Faced With Call Center Industry

Posted June 13, 2016 by Matt in Uncategorized

Why companies are facing a problem to hire call center agents?

Even though the call center industry has become very popular and in high demand for jobs, many

companies still face a common problem to hire call center agents. In other words, the demand for

the call center jobs exceeds the supply of the staff. Why is this happening?

Not easy to serve customers

One main reason as to why the call center jobs are always available is due to the job nature. Call

center agents have to maintain the relationship between the company and the customers. In order

to build up the relationship, the agents have to be equipped with good phone telephone skills and

be polite and respectful to customers throughout their conversations. If they come across

customers who are unreasonable and rude, they still cannot flare up and scold the customers. In

fact, they have to tolerate their anger and frustration and still speak to customers politely. This is

a major challenge that many call center agents faced and is not easy to overcome.

Sale targets are difficult to achieve

Another challenge of call center jobs is that call center agents often have sale targets that are

almost impossible to reach. Some companies may offer very lucrative sales commissions as

rewards for the agents but these commissions are only available when agents managed to sell a

high quantity of products. In today’s world, many customers are still not open to sales through

phone, as they are unable to see the actual products. They want to feel the physical product

before buying it. Therefore, high sale targets deter many agents from joining the industry since it

is nearly impossible to sell many products.

Should you be a call center agent?

There may be several challenges faced by call center jobs. However, if you are an optimistic

person, hardworking, willing to learn and strive, perhaps such jobs maybe suitable for you. After

all, which career does not have any challenge?

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