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Downstream processing is related to the process and the global market

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The oil and gas industry today has a great influence in the global market in the entire world. This is

because oil and gas has direct influence in the market on every commodity. Thus, it is crucial to identify

solutions and to maintain the economic balance and the need through technological innovation in the

entire globe. This industry processing includes upstream and downstream processing before it reaches

the global market.


There is no doubt that oil and gas are in great demand in the industries and is suitable for domestic and

commercial purposes. There are lots of uses of these products ranging from the machineries driving to the

plastics and fertilizers production. In fact, the truth cannot be denied that without oil and gas, survival in

the world is difficult even to imagine.

Overview of the important sector

Understanding the oil and gas industry processes is very important and it really makes sense to overview

it’s very important subdivisions. The subdivisions are actually three in the oil and gas industry namely:

 Upstream processing/ sector

 Midstream processing/sector

 Downstream processing/sector

Processing/Sector details

Upstream processing is about filtration and processing the crude oil and the natural gas, thus clearing all

the waste materials. The midstream sector is followed as the second and it is crucial to remember that it is

a part of the downstream processing.

The downstream processing in the oil and gas industry involves crude oil refining or raw natural gases

acquired in the upstream sector is taken further to selling or distributing the products. The crude oil

refining gives many products such as LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), diesel oil, fertilizers, gasoline,

asphalt, pesticides, rubbers, petroleum coke, iet fuel, antifreeze, synthetic rubber, plastics and lots more.

The downstream sector is the sector that relating the consumers. Thus the facilities involved here include

oil refineries, petrochemical plants retail outlets, natural gas distribution companies, and so on.

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