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Description of peptides

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Peptide is an organic compound which is used in many things. This compound is used to provide proteins

to our body. Peptides are also used in different kind of medicines. Peptide is a compound which is

composed of three elements. These elements are hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon. Peptides are easily

available in the market in different kind of things. Peptides are also used in body building. Peptide has a

complex stricture in which peptide compounds form a chain shape to stay with one another.

Structure of peptide:

Peptides have a complex structure. Peptide molecules form a group of chain to stay together. Due to the

quality they are added in the group of polymers. Peptides are made of group of amino acids. The acids

make covalent bond with one another to form peptides. Peptides have a cyclic structure and this

compound is not flexible duo to rigidness of covalent bonding. Hydrogen is connected in single bond

while nitrogen and carbon have double bonds. This is because the number of electrons in the outer most

shell of carbon and nitrogen.

Impotence of peptide:

Due this complex structure amino acids peptides just look like proteins. They are distinguished from

proteins on the base of their size otherwise the elements in both compounds are same. Many people have

studied the structure of peptides and have given very important information about them. Now a days

peptides are still being used to make lot of new compounds. Peptides are now even made even in

laboratories because of their excessive use in the human life.

Important facts about peptide:

1) Peptides have five types

2) Peptides cannot be used for eating directly.

3) They increase the size and strength of body muscles

4) Many muscles fatigues are cured with peptide medicine.

5) Different compound of peptides have different stabilizing temperatures.

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