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Data analysis tools

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Data analysis tools

Data analysis tools are used for the identification of patters and establishment of relationship

especially for sort enterprise data. Data analysis is just same as data mining it is helpful techniques

for any business effectively, with greater profit for the customer, industry and to the organizational

level trends. There are many free and open source data analysis tool available some are listed below:

1. Tableau: it is helpful to many people around the world as they use it for their personal use and is

free trial period and it is long enough to get addicted to it. Tableaus allow you to search visually and

investigate tentative ideas.

2. Openrefine: actually it is data cleaning software. It provide instruction to the Google It provide

space for large files which is to be stored. It also saves time by quickly giving answers to our difficult

and jumbled questions.

3. KNIME: It helps you to operate, manage, evaluate and present data in fabulously perceptive way

by the means of visual programming. Most chiefly it can be enlarged to run R, python and chemistry

data and much more. This gives you the option to trifle with more advanced code.

4. Rapid Miner: Just like KNIME, visual programming is being operated through rapid miner in an

effective way. It also has an ability of operating, managing, evaluating and presenting data in a very

attractive manner. In recent few years Rapid Miner has won “KD Nuggets software poll”.

5. Google Fusion tables: cooler, enormous and more watery counterpart. It is very functional

equipment for operating and evaluating data. It broader the view and makes it convenient for us.

The mapping software is playing an important role in pushing this equipment onto the menu.

6. Google search operator: Google is an unbeatable resource as a search engine. It provides the

most wanted information in a very short period of time; provide quick results in very effective way.

We can limit the past search with the help of the search tool.

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