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Posted July 7, 2015 by Matt in Uncategorized

The reasons why people use business data discovery tools

Many people have now recognized the benefits of the data discovery tools and they

are doing this because of many reasons.

To achieve big data project, using the business data discovery tools is important but at the

same time challenging. This is because the information to process is large while at the

same time different types of the formats and the sources do pose the challenges that

choke the traditional methods. There are some cases where big data initiative requires

the rapid profiling with high velocity for big data and this makes the profiling harder and

at the same time less feasibly while using the available toolsets.

The business data discovery tools are also used for real-time analytics. The shift to the real

time analytic had created the new classes for the user of the business data discovery. Such uses

are important but they need the user to have the business data discovery tools that work faster,

that are automated and they are adaptive.

The business data discovery tools can also be used for agile business intelligence and agile

analytics. The data scientists are now turning the business intelligence team in

adopting iterative and agile method while turning the value of the business data. They

can perform the data discovery process in diverse way. The example can be the

profiling of the new data set to be integrated in looking for the answers to get to the new

questions that emerge in one week.

Since the use of the data discovery tools is crucial, it is expected to evolve and to

mature after sometime. The users are going to be skilled in how they are able to

perform their task using the data discovery tools. The developers are also going to

look for the ways that the user can address different way that data discovery is being

used for. It is expected that the users and professionals who use data discovery tools

will keep important keys in mind for the future.

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