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Benefits of public construction to an economy

Posted November 11, 2015 by Matt in Uncategorized

Benefits of public construction to an economy

The benefits of public construction are undoubtedly essential to any economy ranging from the developed nation to third world countries. It involves the building social amenities such as hospitals, roads, and electricity among others.  Very many governments have made laws advocating for the construction of public facilities such as hospitals. Despite being essential aspects in the society, corruption has become major problem when issuing government tenders thus delaying public construction. it appears that government tenders are always given to people who do not care about other human beings and they end up building infrastructures of low quality.

There has been a lot of anxiety that public construction is doing no good to the public but sincerely, this is not the case because good things have been born from it ranging from the constructions of tarmac roads to feeder roads. For example, public construction is the construction of roads whereby they help in ensuring ease of raw materials from farmers to the manufacturers. A case in point, were late not for the heavily advocated public construction of road by the US government, New York would now be having quite a number of problems such as congestion on their roads.

Public construction has also led to improved education simply because governments have really invested in building schools both for people with special needs and to normal people. Governments provide every item that schools require to run. Additionally, global policies advocate for the right of every child, which means that a child is entitled to education. However, this cannot be possible if there are no learning facilities thus leading to public constructions.

Public constructions have also led to improved health care. For instance, the United States government passed a low for the construction of public hospitals especially in place where the children population is quite large. Besides, these hospitals have been equipped with qualified medical doctors, nurses, and midwifes so that they can take care of the patience. They have also come up with measure to ensure emergency cases are attended to win the shortest time possible. Country governments have formulated laws to ensure al public health centers are provided with enough medicine and other things required.

Summarily, public construction is a significant concern for most countries in order to improve their economy. The construction of social amenities such as schools, roads, better sanitation, and improved health centers can really boost any economy. For example, most of the third world countries engage in the construction of schools to ensure that a child right is not undermined. One would perceive that public construction is essential for economic growth and it can ease the way of living.

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