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Advantages of plant extraction

Posted August 7, 2016 by Matt in Uncategorized

“Nature never betrays the one who loves her” prudent words.

Advantages of plant extraction are abundant. The most common advantage is it’s a natural

medicine and thus has fewer side effects. Many biological compounds are often represented in

nature by inactive precursors, which are only converted into their active forms by enzymatic

activation or chemical modification. This is the case for many glycosides

Being extracted from natural compound patient readily accepts the product. These days’ natural

products are preferred over chemical product. Natural products are cheaper too compared to

those synthetic products. Though they are not free from side effects but still they are not so

hazardous as compared to the synthetic ones.

Advantages are innumerable. Few plant products are used directly by many leading companies

by adding preservatives to the extract obtained by plant extraction and giving a brand name.

Patient compliance is really important. As plant product is free from any toxicity, at moderate

dose it can be readily prescribed by doctors over those artificial synthetic man made products

which on subsequent use can cause toxicity accompanied by other side effects

Many diseases are mostly cured by Ayurveda, and Ayurveda lays its backbone over plant

extraction. The reason being very simple that long term treatment causes lesser side effects.

Considering the cases of cancer, the chemotherapy and high doses of lethal drugs which has

turned patient’s head to opt for plant extracted products. Plant products are cheaper as well that

makes them affordable to majority of people. Morphine is available on every medical counter

and thus this signifies its rapid use by people in diseases associated with severe pain

So it’s really a good option to go for plant product over synthetic ones. Not just because they are

cheaper but because they carry lesser side effects with increasing awareness and consciousness

among people, natural remedies are also gaining huge popularity the way yoga and meditation

have gained over the years. People now opt for natural medicine when the treatment is lifelong

over synthetic drugs, whereas some of them tend to opt for plant extract as a substitute while

continuing with allopathic medicines. Plant extraction has really changed the way of living

making them healthy and immune so don’t be afraid of natural medicine, it may change the way

you live.

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