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A Bright Future In Petro Chemical Industries

Posted June 15, 2016 by Matt in Uncategorized

Chemical Engineering jobs are related to industries manufacturing petrochemicals , petroleum

refinery ,chemicals, fertilisers , paint Industries etc. Petroleum refineries produce various

finished products i.e Petrol , diesel ,Kerosene ,Furnace oil , ATF (Aviation Turbine Fuel) etc

apart from other by products from Crude Oil . Hence a person having a Chemical Engineering

would be very well equipped with the knowledge of the Petroleum Industry which can be applied

in the Industry for maximising the productivity with efficient use of the available resources . A

student having a Chemical Engineering degree can enhance his working knowledge with the

latest developments being used in a Petroleum Refinery as the practical experience enhances

the skills of an individual.

Different avenues in chemical engineering jobs

Various Petroleum companies across the globe recruit chemical Engineers for their Refineries

through a selection procedure . Chemical Engineers having sound conceptual base are the

most suitable candidates for these Oil Giants i.e Shell , Mobil ,Exxon etc .

Chemical Engineers also have a very promising future in other chemical producing Companies

as mentioned above . With such a vide bandwidth of the chemicals used across the globe , the

chemical Engineers have a successful life. The selection procedure is simple. First one has to

clear an entrance exam following up interview. If selected than for 1-2 years they appoint you as

a trainee where one learn how to function properly with the alignment of the companies goals.

After that the company will promote you on the basis of your performance. Performance

appraisal being done for each and every candidate by the appraisal team keeping in mind the

important key factors.

People are liking chemical engineering jobs these days as money is good. People avail all the

facilities and their living standard also improves. The job in the organisations are very alluring in

terms of salary, designation, infrastructure and amenities.

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